3 Must-Haves to Make Your Camping Holiday Perfect

Staying in the wild could be a quintessential adventure if you’re well-equipped for every possibility. On the other hand, it could be an unsavoury experience as well if you are under packed. Therefore, it becomes important that you have all the essentials when you are out to explore the wilderness.

While there are so many things that are helpful in camping, we’re going to focus on three essentials that make the camping experience perfect. At Camping Swags, we give you solutions that make your adventurous expeditions easier and more memorable. So keeping that in mind, here are things you must have in your camp.

Things That Make Your Holiday Camping Perfect


Well, it’s the most basic thing and certainly a no-brainer when you explain the camping essentials. However, we’re not just talking about surviving in the wild, we’re talking about making this experience perfect and believe it or not, tents can do that.

A tent can do much more than give you protection from inclement weather, wild animals, and other perils. A feature-packed tent can bring a lot of fun to your stay. It can accommodate a large number of people and can give you privacy too.

A quality Camping Swag is a unique 1 or 2 person tent that can excel your fun while cutting the hassles from your tour. It comes with an easy-to-set frame and takes very less space. Moreover, it is very durable and made for Australian terrain and weather conditions.

Portable Barbeque

Since we are focusing on making the experience perfect, let’s talk about the possibility of carrying a portable barbeque rather than a paltry stove. Today, you can easily get stoves that are assembled and disassembled with ease and little effort.

If you have a 4WD, then there’s absolutely no problem in carrying a barbeque. In case there is a terrain where the vehicle can’t get through, you can carry disassembled parts of the grills with little effort maybe. If you are near a water body where you can fish, the fun would be doubled.

You can easily source the wood from the jungle and light up the fire to roast your dish. It is a fun and inclusive activity that makes your camping much more delightful. Also, having a barbeque means you have more options for cooking. You can enjoy steaks, fish, and much more.

Music & Games

Whether you are camping with friends or being alone, music is always a companion. Besides that, there are some great fun activities and games that multiply the fun. A guitar, Bluetooth speaker, dart board, chess, and cards are one of the many options that you can go for.

Camping is all about fun, it is about taking a break from your hectic schedule and replenishing your mind and body. You might already be a great music fan and listen to it regularly even in the office, the experience is totally different when you do it in the wilderness.

With some interactive activities, you strengthen the bond with your friends and family.

And for the sake of safety and survival, here’s a list of essentials that you should have too:-

Torch/Fire Starter

First Aid Kit

Pocket Knife

Map & Compass

Toilet Paper

Sleeping Bag

At Camping Swags, we endeavour to make your wild excursions easy and conducive with a vast array of unique tents.

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