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So, you think you’re an outdoor person? Your idea of a camping trip away is packing your car with a tonne of gear including your huge tent. At Camping Swags, we are going to turn your idea of camping on its head. Everyone knows the worst part of camping is setting up your tent and with a quality camping swag not only do you save time but also experience nature the way it was supposed to be.

Sleep under the stars in our mosquito and sandfly proof camping swags, made from quality canvas and mesh you will feel the cool night breeze and be protected at the same time. Available in single and double options, you can decide whether you want to sleep solo on your camping trip or share your camping swag with someone special.

Making Camping Easy

The thought of taking a camping trip is enough to send some people into shock. The amount of gear that is required to ensure that your trip is comfortable and not roughing it is incredible. Every experienced camper says “it’s all about the planning” but what if you could just up and go without the regular hassle? Imagine the freedom of just throwing your camping swag in the back of your car and heading to the bush. With a quality camping swag your dream getaway is only minutes away from beginning, all you need is a destination in mind.

Sleeping amongst nature, close to a campfire is the perfect way to destress and appreciate the good things in life. With a quality camping swag there is no excuse for taking any opportunity available to hit the road.

Keys to a quick camp site

          • Flat dry ground
          • Some Shade
          • CAMPING SWAG
          • Matches
          • Food
          • Hydration (water)
          • Bug Spray
          • Warm Clothes
camping swags

We have a great range of camping swags for every possible situation and if you can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out. The team at Camping Swags make it their mission to make your camping experience the best it can be, so leave the rat race behind and enjoy a weekend away in a quality camping swag.

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