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Ways to Keep your Camping Swag in Great Condition for Years to Come

Far away from the hustle and bustle of our monotonic city life, one always yearns to go on a camping tour and peacefully enjoy stargazing at the night sky in a cosy shelter. And for that, you need a sturdy and hard-wearing camping swag to snuggle in for the right amount of warmth and comfort. Getting the perfect camping swag is a bit of a task but also taking care of it following the right methods is very much necessary as it guarantees its longevity. The better you tend to your camping gear, the better comfort and durability it assures you.

So, follow the below-mentioned steps to take care of your gear before packing your bags for an adventure and after unpacking your bags once you return home after a physically draining but satisfying trip.


The majority of the swags are made of proofed polycotton canvas as they provide a long-lasting plus breathable textile, thus providing a comfortable space in a small shelter for all kinds of seasonal conditions. Seasoning is a step that involves wetting the exterior of the swag in water so that any tiny hole in the fabric will swell and seal itself, thus preventing water from leaking into the interior. Once you have taken out the swag from its bag and have set it up, implementing the aforementioned step for its proper seasoning will keep you nice and dry, especially in rainy weather conditions. Ensure that the camping swag dries out in the sun completely before wrapping it up for storage.


Before plopping yourself into your comfy bed after a tiring trip, you should not forget to tend to your gear. For cleaning, you simply need a clean cloth/sponge along with a soft brush and water. The chemicals present in soaps, detergents, or any other cleaning products of the same kind may degrade the quality and effectiveness of the canvas, so it is recommended to use water and manual cleaning. Firstly, clean off sand, mud, and other earthy particles with a brush and then wipe down the remaining dirty areas. Once completely dry, roll it back up and pack it in its bag. Always store it in a dry place (preferably, at room temperature) until it’s time to unfold it for your next adventure.

Packing & Storing:

Prefer keeping your swag is away from moisture and sunlight as exposure to them may result in fadedness and mildew growth. If any presence of mould or fungi growth is spotted, then use a hard bristle brush to brush-off, and air the area. Then according to the instructions, apply a mould rid product and treat the spot to re-waterproof the canvas.

Prefer keeping it off the floor, as rodents or insects may cause damage to it. Also, when your swag is not in use, try keeping it in a dry place (Eg. shelf, cupboard, etc.). You need to roll or fold it gently, neither too loose nor too tight. It is crucial for a camper to protect this.

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