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What To Expect When You Travel to Uluru

There are quite a few places in the world that entice you to be an explorer and Uluru is one of them. There are many things that make this UNESCO World Heritage Site a must-see. Located in the southern part of the northern territory of Australia, this sandstone monolith is one of the most prominent wildlife attractions for tourists.

It lies 335km (208 mi) of the southwest of Alice Springs and is also known as Ayers Rock and Olgas. And being a part of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the site has been developed as a tourist-friendly location with plenty of resorts and other attractions.

Things To Do When You’re In Uluru

A Soul-Stirring Walk In The Dawn

Uluru shows you its most ethereal form at this time. The sombre light combines with a hilly backdrop and gives you a breathtaking vista. The waning stars and moon add some glitz to this picturesque moment and overwhelm you with a vivid landscape.

This is the time when you can take some stellar photographs with your DSLR or even a smartphone. The scenic beauty teleports you into a different world and reminds you of larger-than-life shots that we see in the movies.

Witness The Mesmerizing Sunset

If the mornings are magnificent, the evenings are equally exhilarating. The sunset at Uluru is riveting and balmy to the mind. The setting sun creates a dramatic effect on the aura and makes the whole backdrop very pleasant. Again, you get a wonderful setting for taking some stellar pics that will spellbind you forever.

Camel Ride/Cycling At the Base

The base of the hills is a huge area that can be explored with a bicycle or camel ride. Both of these options help you explore this arid place. To many people’s amazement, this area has a thriving population of camels and the bumpy ride on their back is itself a thrilling adventure.

On the other hand, a bicycle ride will give you the liberty to explore the place at your will. But if you are coming here in the summer season, make sure that you start because the days are usually very hot.

Experience The Field of Light

Among the natural wonders, you also see a man-made muse that totally enthrals every spectator. The Field of Light is a light-art installation created by British artist Bruce Munro who spent 8 years envisaging and implementing this elaborate piece of work.

The 50,000 solar-powered stems span across a giant expanse of land that equals four football fields. When lit up, these little bulbs look like a field of luminous herbs growing out of the earth. They enchant the visitors and show them a resplendent panorama that amuses the beholders every time they see it.

Visit Kata Tjuta

After admiring the beauty of Uluru, you can explore the wilderness of Kata Tjuta National Park. From springs to ancient paintings, rock caves, and waterholes, there are so many things that you can see in this place. You also get to see many native mammals and reptiles.

Uluru is certainly one of the most intriguing wildlife destinations in the world. And if you’re planning to come here, make sure you’re geared properly. Camping Swags gives you custom-built tents that are apt for every wildlife adventure.

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