Which One Is Better? A Camping Swag or Tent?

Camping is an experience that opens you to many adventures and learnings. It recharges you with fresh memories that come right out of the untamed wilderness. It lets you see life from a new perspective and helps you evaluate your capability to tackle challenges as well.

But to make this experience memorable, you must be geared with the right accoutrement. You surely know about tents being the go-to dwelling hack for campers, but do know about camping swags? A camping swag is essentially a tent but it comes with some very distinct features that make it a separate entity altogether.

So in this piece, we’ll figure out the difference between the two and will help choose the best option for your next adventure.

Tents vs. Camping Swags


Let us understand both the camping hacks one by one. A tent generally refers to a reasonably long and wide coverage that is made with canvas, tarpaulin, fabric, and any other waterproofing material.

They are usually made to accommodate multiple people while facilitating many activities inside. If you’ve got a large tent, you get plenty of space and if often becomes an ideal option for families.

When it comes to pitching, packing, and carrying, the level of ease totally depends on the kind of tent you want for yourself. If it’s big, then it’ll certainly take more space and will most probably come with some fitting gears like poles and ropes.

Camping Swags

Camping swags are compact-sized tents that are suited for 1 or 2 persons. They look like small tunnels made to accommodate an individual snugly. And for a large number of people who like to camp on their own or just with their partner, it is the best option.

Like tents, swags can also be made from a variety of materials. They are also easier to set up as compared to tents and make the whole camping experience effortless for you. Their simple shape along with interconnected rings and ropes make them very easy to set up.

Also, it is very easy to carry them since they can be bundled easily and stuffed in your bag. They especially come in very handy when you need to carry them on your back. However, keep in mind, that the weight totally depends on the material. Usually, they are made with heavier fabrics than those of tents which are polyester, PVC, cotton, and polycotton.

Pros of Tent

It is apt for families and large groups.

It gives you more space and lets you much more inside.

Besides camping, it is very helpful for picnics and backyard excursions.

Cons of Tent

They are usually heavier to carry and take more time to set up.

If you’re camping alone or with one more person, it may consume more space unnecessarily.

They may require more maintenance than swags.

Pros of Camping Swag

They are lightweight and easy to carry.

They consume very less space and become more adaptable.

If you camping with other people and need some privacy during your sleep time, swag gives you that.

Cons of Camping Swag

It can accommodate 1 or 2 persons only.

It gives you space just to lie down and sleep.

Camping Swags gives you a wide range of camping swags crafted to make your adventure comfy and memorable.

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